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Norman Adams Canadian cellist, and electronic musician Norman Adams is Principal Cellist of Symphony Nova Scotia, and the Artistic Director of suddenlyLISTEN music. A student of Hans Jørgen Jensen, Bernard Greenhouse, and American new music pioneer Pauline Oliveros, Norman has been a soloist with SNS, and Les Jeunes Virtuoses de Montréal, and has performed chamber and improvised music throughout Canada, the US, France, and the UK. His performances have also been heard across the country on CBC Radio. In 2010 Norman was awarded an Established Artist Award by the Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Partnership Council for his varied work. In addition to his work as a classical cellist, Norman is well known across Canada, as an exploratory musician, playing free and creative music. Norman has collaborated with many leading artists including Joelle Leandre, Gerry Hemingway, Eddie Prévost, Pauline Oliveros, Buck 65, Xavier Charles, Marilyn Crispell and Evan Parker. Since 2000 Norman has been the Artistic Director and Producer of suddenlyLISTEN Music, an organization that presents an annual series of concerts of improvised music, featuring a broad range of local, Canadian and international artists. He is dedicated to sharing music with all people, leading workshops in Halifax and across Canada. Norm also supports arts organizations across Canada, serving on the Board of Directors of The Canadian New Music Network, and Strategic Arts Management.

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timscaleTim Crofts (piano/keyboards: Halifax) is the Artistic Associate and Outreach Director of suddenlyLISTEN and a true 21st Century pianist. He performs a wide variety of music in concerts clubs and recordings. However, Tim’s main focus remains improvisation & new music. His musical style combines elements of 20th century classical music with free jazz improvisation and world music aesthetics. In performance, Tim explores the full sonic capabilities of the acoustic piano through extended techniques and a wide range of piano preparations. Tim has been presented regularly by suddenlyLISTEN in concerts and on tour, with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio. He has performed regularly with the Upstream Orchestra, Symphony Nova Scotia, and in other concert with such creative music luminaries as Jerry Granelli, Gerry Hemingway, Graham Collier, Evan Parker and Dave Douglas. In 2014 Tim will release two recordings: his solo CD 8 Ball and Doorknob on the Divorce Records label, and Literal Lateral with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio and percussionist Gerry Hemingway. Tim has also made a mark as an educator. He has co-directed the suddenlyLISTEN bi-weekly improvisation workshop with Norman Adams since 2006.  Tim is a full-time instructor at the Halifax Jazz Festival’s Creative Music Workshop directed by Jerry Granelli, and along with Granelli, the originator of the Creative Music Lab.  Tim is also a part-time faculty member at the Fountain School for the Performing Arts at Dalhousie University.

Narada Burton Greene: Composer, Pianist, Arranger, Author

Originally from Chicago, he began his long career of many recordings and performances in New York´s legendary jazz scene of the 1960’s. He and Bassist Alan Silva contributed to the beginnings of free jazz in New York with the formation of their Free Form Improvisation Ensemble in 1963. He also co-founded the East West Trio with Indian sitarist Jamaluddin Bhartiya and percussionist Daoud Amin in 1973, one of the first World Music groups (and long before they called it that.) Since that time he has travelled all over Europe and the USA with performances and recordings of his compositions and arrangements in many different types of music styles and ensembles. As Burton says it: “Music is or should be universal, without limits.. Borders eventually become boring.. they should be transcended. I like all kinds of music as long as it´s not dull or repetitious or superficial.. as long as it´s creative and from the heart.” His 14 piece New Age Jazz Chorale (1975-78) did concerts and recordings in Europe, years before most other groups were termed as “New Age”.   In the last 26 years he’s been busy with his klezmer, Sephardic, Balkan, jazz ensembles Klezmokum and Klez-Edge, and various jazz solo, trio or quartet combinations. He also has a solo orchestral electronics program, teaches jazz, world music workshops, and lectures. His autobiographical book written over 20 years: “Memoirs of A Musical Pesty-Mystic” appeared in print in 2001 (Cadence Jazz Books). His solo piano recording for Drimala Records: “Live At Grasland” was voted one of the top 10 CD releases in All About Jazz (2005).   His groups in recent years based in New York and recorded on CIMP Records include a duet with bassist Mark Dresser, a quartet with trumpeter Roy Campbell, Lou Grassi, and Adam Lane. Concerts and recordings also on the CIMP label are his trio with Ed and George Schuller on bass and drums, and a quintet with the Schuller brothers, Russ Nolan on saxes and flute, Paul Smoker on trumpet.   His solo piano CD “Retrospective 1961–2005 came out in January, 2007 on the CIMP label. Burton’s group, a quintet: Klez-Edge had a CD Release in May, 2008: “Ancestors, Mindreles, NaGila Monsters” is on John Zorn’s Tzadik CD label in New York. Also Released on the Tzadik label in June, 2009 is the intimate duo CD: “Two Voices in the Desert” with Burton’s long time colleague and Klezmokum clarinetist Perry Robinson. A release (September, 2009) on Latham Records: “Groder & Greene”, spontaneous improvisations with Brian Groder, Rob Brown, Adam Lane, Ray Sage, and Burton. Porter Records brought out a rare recording: Burton Greene Quartet: “Live at the Woodstock Playhouse 1965” with Marion Brown, Rashied Ali, Reggie Johnson (February 2010). After that came 3 releases: Burton’s klezmer jazz group Klezmokum: “Where We Come From,. Where We’re Going” on the Music & Words label: (Netherlands–2011), a solo piano CD of his latest compositions: “Live at Kerrytown House”, on NoBusiness Records (Lithuania), and a duo electronics CD “Parallel Worlds” with Burton’s long time colleague Alan Silva on Long Song Records (Italy). The last 2 CD’s came out in 2012. Burton’s solo piano concert program of his recent compositions was presented in the Spring of 2013 in a 12 concert tour in the States, and in Europe together with a film about his life and music “Moldavian Blues” by the English documentary film maker Malcolm Hart. Recent releases (2015) include “A 39 Year Reunion Celebration”, a duo with Laurence Cook on Drums, (Boston–Studio 234 label), and “Flower Stalk—Burton with Open Field String Trio”, (Cipsela label– Portugal). Burton hooked up with the fine Paris label Improvising Beings in 2015 for the duo CD release with Burton’s long time “spiritual co-composing partner” composer/vocalist Silke Röllig: “Space Is Still the Place”, and a quartet with Alan Silva, Chris Henderson, Abdelhaï Bennani recorded at a Sunside/Sunset concert in Paris. Klez-Edge has a recent CD out on Burton’s label Disk Respect: “The Struggle Can Be Enobling”. Soon to be released on Improvising Beings (April 2017) is Burton’s recent music on a double CD: “Compendium 2016-2017”. Burton’s music is featured on more than 85 recordings: records and CD’s. This year he celebrates 55 years as a professional: presenting his music to the world.

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Éric Normand is an improviser, bassist, instrument designer, composer, songwriter, singer and record and concert producer. He defines himself as an epidisciplinary musician, a free electron driven by its yearning for meetings.

As an improviser, he develop a personal and radical playing on a homemade electric bass equipped with mics and objects feedbacking and vibrating in small electronic devices, creating electric flux interrupted by the instrumental gesture.

With this skill set, he prefers to play duets, with Jim Denley (flute and sax), Philippe Lauzier (bass clarinet and sax), Xavier Charles (clarinet), Pierre-Yves Martel (viola de gamba and electronic), Jean-Luc Guionnet (saxophone), in addition of several spontaneous encounters.

He also compose for ensemble and multi-disciplinary projects.

Interested in collective creation and orchestral improvisation, he led for seven years the GGRIL, a 15 pieces band that has worked with composers such as Evan Parker, Jean Derome, Robert Marcel Lepage and Michael Fischer.

His music has been programmed by or performed in several festivals in Canada , Australia  and Europe. It have also been broadcasted by Radio-Canada, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC, Radio-Grenouille, and several college radio stations.


Anne_f (electronique) / / Norman Adams (violoncelle)  / Heddy Boubaker, France (sax) /Arthur Bull (guitare)/ Nicolas Bernier (électronique) /  Magali Babin (électronique) / Rémy Bélanger de Beauport (violoncelle)  / Sébastien Cirotteau, France (trompette, ordinateur) / Isaiah Ceccarelli (batterie) / Michel F Côté (batterie) / James Darling (violoncelle) / Jim Denley, Australie (sax et flûte)/ Érick Dorion ( électronique)  / Bernard Falaise (guitare) / Lori Freedman (clatrinettes / Mario Gauthier (synth analogique, electronique)/ Jean-Luc Guionnet (sax alto, orgue) / Joane Hétu (sax et voix) / Philippe Lauzier ( sax et clarinette) // Pierre-Yves Martel (viole de gambe)  / Nilan Perera (guitare) / Danielle P Roger ( percussions) / Christine Sehnaoui, France (sax alto) /Martin Tétreault (tourne-disque) / Scott Thomson (trombone) /




Isaiah Ceccarelli is a drummer and composer. He composes for musicians and ensembles such as Sarah Albu, Mira Benjamin, the Bozzini Quartet, Katelyn Clark, the GGRIL, the London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists, the Suoni per il Popolo festival (Stretch Wood), and Ensemble SuperMusique. He has recorded albums for Ambiances Magnétiques (Montréal), Drip Audio (Vancouver), and Another Timbre (United Kingdom). As a drummer, he has performed and recorded in countless jazz and improvised music settings since the mid-1990s. In 2015, he was the artist in residence at the London studio of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.


Scott Thomson is a trombonist and composer who works in Montréal and Toronto. He plays in regular ensembles in many styles, and prizes ad hoc improvising as a way to meet many creative people. He has studied with Roswell Rudd, Jean Derome, Eddie Prévost, and John Oswald. He leads The Rent, a quintet dedicated to repertory by Steve Lacy as well as Scott’s songs. The Rent’s all-Lacy self-titled debut recording was released on Ambiences Magnétiques in 2010. Scott has composed a series of site-specific works that he calls “cartographic compositions” for mobile musicians and audiences in unconventional performance contexts for which he has had several notable commissions and residencies.



Arthur Bull has been active on the improvised music scene in Canada since the mid-1970s, during the early days of the Music Gallery in Toronto. In 1980’s he was a member of the Bill Smith Ensemble, participating in numerous multimedia collaborations, and he also toured with Smith in the music/performance duo Duck Soup. Since the late 1990’s he has worked extensively with fellow guitarist Daniel Heïkalo, touring, recording and appearing in several major festivals.  Arthur Bull has worked extensively with many major Canadian improvisers. He has also performed in concert with Roscoe Mitchell, John Tchicai, Joe McPhee, Roger Turner, Peter Kowald, Paul Rutherford, Bob Cobbing, Fred Anderson, John Russell, Mike Cooper, and John Butcher. He has released numerous CDs over the years, including solo, duo and group recordings, and has toured extensively, including recent tours of Europe and Mexico. Arthur Bull is also a published poet, and an activist for small-scale fisheries. He lives on Digby Neck in Nova Scotia.



Roger Turner has been called (by Wire Magazine, “one of the giants of free improvisation”. Turner has been internationally recognized as one of the leading exponents of improvised music for more that thirty years.

He followed a path previously explored by groundbreaking musicians such as Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, and Evan Parker. Applauded for his precision and speed, Turner, since entering the London improvising scene in the 1970s, has likewise achieved legendary status across Europe. Whether touring and recording under the name Konk Pack—a trio formed with Thomas Lehn and Tim Hodgkinson in the late 1990s—or working solo, in duos, and in other groups, Turner maintains an open mind about drumming techniques. He possesses a varied collection of percussion instruments, many of which are not generally associated with making music. And during each recording session or live gig, he likes to involve several different drums and other objects. For instance, during the recording of Birthdays with frequent collaborator John Russell in 1996, Turner opted for his “kit” to include two bass toms—each with a tuning pedal, a small hi-hat, and a couple of drum and cymbal stands. On the stands, he switched continuously between an array of items centered on the floor around him.

Over the course of his career, Turner has worked with several jazz-based groups, including those of Elton Dean, Alan Silva, and Lol Coxhill. His improvisational collaborations have included projects with Toshinori Kondo, Derek Bailey, Johannes Bauer, Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, and Otomo Yoshihide. He continues to collaborate with the Phil Minton Quartet with Veryan Weston and John Butcher; the Recedents with Lol Coxhill and Mike Cooper; In the Tradition with Alan Silva and Johannes Bauer; John Russell and Phil Minton in duos; groups led by Martin Klapper; and the Gustafsson, Munthe, Strid, Turner Quartet. His most recent album, Umlaut, released in 2000, is a collaborative effort with German musicians Birgit Uhler, a trumpeter, and Ulrich Phillip, a bassist.

Roger Turner has appeared on more than 45 recordings.



Nick Dourado (Halifax: saxophone, saxophones/piano/drums) From Nick’s White Rabbit Bio:: probably should have been born in the jungle//dont really know where this whole ship is headed so ive been staring out at the sea same on all sides// i’m connected to deep traditions – studied in some way performance/listening/instruments/mathematics/engineering/oceanphysics am didactic sincere a tru fire sign i want to fly and love to flock.

Nick with Century Egg:



Beverly Glenn Copeland (Sackville NB: voice, piano) Obey Convention’s Andrew Patterson writes:

Equally dedicated to the practice of music as he is to the communities that surround it, Beverly Glenn Copeland has been a composer, singer, songwriter, entertainer and lover of all things new and mutual for over four decades. 
Having been raised in a musical family and trained on classical piano from an early age, Glenn went on to study classical forms at McGill University. Following his study and performance of that music, Glenn felt the call to compose his own music that accounted for the growing number of musical traditions that had sparked his interest.
Most immediately, those interests and endeavours resulted in a pair of eponymous records in the early 70s. Now considered rare and essential listening, these two collections display Glenn’s staggering vocal evocations while exploring jazz and neo-folk traditions with heartfelt emotionality and classical rigour.
In the ensuing years, Glenn’s practice has expanded to include theatre, film scores, orchestral work, children’s television and a myriad of community work within localized arts and health initiatives and indigenous communities throughout Canada. 
A restless explorer who’s carved a unique and considerate path, Beverly Glenn-Copland brings his soul into every note, centering foundational truths and opening doors onto new emotional landscapes. We couldn’t be more excited to play host to such an inspiring figure who’s artistic range and vibrant positivity transcends what is typically understood as possible. 


Doug Cameron (Halifax: drums/percussion) is an award winning jazz and improv drum set player, instructor and composer.  He is passionate about Halifax’s creative music scene and performs with Upstream Music and is on faculty at the Creative Music Workshop.  When not playing with Halifax-based The New Bridge he can be heard performing with improvising jazz trio Monk OFF and is a founding member of the improvising dance/music/art collaborative The Expanse.


Emily Denison is a trumpet player in Toronto’s jazz and creative music scenes. She is currently studying at the University of Toronto, working towards a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. Since beginning at U of T, Emily has been a recipient of the Paul Read Jazz Scholarship, the Noreen and Phil Nimmons Jazz Scholarship, and the Mary Alice Stuart Jazz Scholarship. She recently attended the Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative music as a TD fellow. Emily can be heard on the U of T 12tet’s debut album, Rebirth, as well as around Toronto with fusion band Snaggle, Ken Aldcroft’s Convergence Ensemble, and her own trio Denison, Ballyk, Davis.



Brandon Auger is a sound artist and carpenter currently working out of Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. Originally a guitarist, he started experimenting with electronics and tape in the early 90’s. Influenced by the works of Cage, Eno, and Erstwhile Records, his minimalist approach draws also from architectural blueprints, industrial design, and photography. Mainly working as an improviser, he manipulates the relationship between sound and silence, to create “temporary audio textiles”. While being an active member of the suddenlyLISTEN community in Halifax, Auger also has performed at the Halifax International Jazz, and Experimental Music Festivals. He has also presented works in various artist run galleries throughout Ontario, Nova Scotia and the US.


D’Arcy Gray (percussion: Halifax) exploits his versatility to find himself in a great variety of performing situations. In the past ten years, Gray has premiered well over 100 new works, mostly solo or chamber music by Canadian composers. In addition, he participated in installations of Rainforest IV and the Collage Juke-Box project, both of which have been presented worldwide. He has also given dozens of clinics on three continents on a variety of subjects.

As of summer 2008, Gray has made Halifax, Nova Scotia his new home after 23 years in Montreal. He has been appointed Percussion Instructor at Dalhousie University and will begin working on collaborations with a number of Atlantic musicians, including Norman Adams, Karin Aurell, Tony Genge, and others. He was a founding member of New Brunswick’s Motion Ensemble.

Gray is a graduate of the Juilliard School and McGill University. He has received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the Getty Research Institute for the Arts and Humanities. He is a Yamaha Clinician and a Sabian Artist. His collection of studies, “7 Operations for Marimba” are published by Honeyrock in the U.S.

Watch D’Arcy here:



Andrew Mackelvie Andrew MacKelvie is a saxophone player and improviser who gets to be different types of musicians. In a variety of settings, his improvisations move the music forward with a strong sense of composition. Under his own name, you’ll find works for improvisers – some recordings are completely improvised, others have schemes and themes that provide material. His first record, You’ll Come Upon A Mountain, is a collection of improvised pieces for solo saxophone that was released September 2014. He also appears on Jerry Granelli’s latest (Juno nominated) record What I Hear Now. He is 1/2 the artistic force behind Votive Dance’s music, and the dance ensemble VERGE along with Artistic Director Kathleen Doherty.

Listen to Andrew here:


LP-BassSelf-described as an upright, downright and forthright bassist, Lukas Pearse is known to many by the radical breadth of his musical appetite, easily encompassing free improvisation, country-folk, orchestral classical, electroacoustic composition, tango, hip-hop, contemporary classical, bossa nova, traditional jazz and experimental performance art.

Lukas’ education includes studies in contemporary musicology at Goldsmiths College in London, UK, contemporary music performance at Dalhousie, but began by studying audio-visual art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Lukas has performed with innumerable original Halifax bands and is well represented in the recordings and history of the Halifax independent music scene, appearing on recordings by Blackpool, Buck 65, Al Tuck, Rebecca West, Sixtoo, The Rusty Wheels and Little Miss Moffat, among many others. In addition to this extensive accompaniment experience, he has performed with noted improvising artists and composers including Norman Adams, Rose Bolton, Paul Cram, Christine Duncan, Lori Freedman Francois Houle, Jim Montgomery, Rodger Redgate and Andrew Morgan.

Lukas has written and conducted pieces for the Upstream Orchestra, hosted the Improv at the Khyber series during the Atlantic Jazz Festival, exhibited sonic art installation-performances at the Eye Level Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery, Dalhousie Art Gallery, The Khyber Gallery and the Anna Leanowens Galleries, collaborated on sound installations with audio-visual artists such as Glynis Humphrey, Christof Migone, Kim Dawn and Dan Lander, manipulated radios as part of the BBC’s 2004 John Cage Festival, and scored music for video, film and television.

geordie1Geordie Haley is a Halifax  based guitarist, composer and improviser. He five CDs to hi credit including his most recent album Sculptures. Geordie has performed at L’Off Festival in Montreal, the Toronto Jazz Festival and the Atlantic Jazz Festival in Halifax. The Geordie Haley Trio has appeared at the Guelph Jazz Festival and Glenn Hall’s 416 Festival in Toronto. EXCLAIM magazine voted the Geordie Haley Trio POLAR BEARS album (featuring Nick Fraser, drums and Scott Thomson, trombone) best of 2007’s improvising CDs in their Destination Out section!

For two years, Geordie was a co-curator of the Leftover Daylight Series at Array Music Studios, a performance series showcasing improvisation and new composition. Geordie has performed many musicians including: Bruce Cassidy, Lori Freedman, William Parker, Roger Turner, John Oswald, Rebecca Campbell, Andrew Downing, Michael Keith, Dave Clark, along with video artist June Pak and dancers Susie Burpee and Shannon Cooney.

Listen to Geordie here:

Lori Freedman 
Qualified as “a musical revolutionary in the front ranks of the avant-garde” by Alex Varty of the Georgia Straight (Vancouver), Lori Freedman (clarinets) is internationally recognized as one of the most creative and provocative performers. She is a member of a select group known as “renaissance musicians” as her artistic activities cover a gamut of fields: performer of written music (well over one hundred works have been written for and premiered by her), composer, improviser, teacher, and on occasion, writer. While managing a full performance schedule of more than 75 public appearances a year, Freedman has been receiving commissions to write music for ensembles such as Orkestra Futura, Arraymusic, Transmission, Continuum, SuperMusique, Paramirabo, Upstream Orchestra, Queen Mab Trio, Crowbar Trio, Lott Dance, Oberlander Films, Foresite Theatre, Cooke Productions and Autumn Leaf Productions. Her current discography comprises over 65 recordings, the most recent features of which include Greffes (Empreintes digitales), On No (Mode Records), Bridge (Collection QB), Plumb (Barnyard Records), Musique de chambre, 3 and À un moment donné (Ambiances Magnétiques), Huskless! (Artifact), See Saw and Thin Air (Wig). She is the recipient of the 1998 Freddie Stone Award for the “demonstration of outstanding leadership, integrity and excellence in the area of contemporary music and jazz.” Highlight collaborations include work with Roscoe Mitchell, Rohan de Saram, Barre Phillips, Maurizio Kagel, Helmut Lachenmann, Frances-Marie Uitti, Monique Jean, Joëlle Léandre, Axel Dörner, George Lewis, the Jack Quartet and Richard Barrett. « Quite simply, Lori Freedman is a rare musician of true genius… the extraordinary art of this monumental musician. » (Roger Woodward, Australian pianist) « Lori Freedman is the best thing that has happened to new music – she is a fantastic musician » (John Corigliano, New York).

Learn more about Lori here:

Franz Hautzinger 
Detours often lead to more thrilling goals because they open up new perspectives. Franz Hautzinger has taken long and bendy detours and turned to many dead ends, he has spent years without instrumental activity and has made a hopeful new start. All this, those victories and defeats, this “History from the Total Crash to ‘Emergency Individualism’”, as he himself described it, made Franz Hautzinger the highly profiled musical personality that he is today.

Born on March 11, 1963 in Seewinkel, Burgenland, a Hannibal Marvin Peterson concert at Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf was the young trumpeter’s “awakening experience”. He studied at the Jazz department of today’s Art University in Graz from 1981 to 1983 until lip palsy forced him to take a six year total break from trumpeting. After moving to Vienna in 1986 he started in 1989 to explore the trumpet in his very own and un-academic way. He became attached to the circles around Christoph Cech and Christian Mühlbacher, played in the Big Band “Nouvelle Cuisine” and the octet “Striped Roses”; the CD “Zong of se Boboolink”, which he recorded with saxophonist Helge Hinteregger and which was influenced by sampler collages was the first personal CD statement. His 10 month stay in London provided new ideas and contacts, amongst others Kenny Wheeler, Henry Lowther, John Russel, and Steve Noble. Hautzinger assimilated the stimuli in very different ways: in „Regenorchester“ („Rain Orchestra“) with its changing instrumentation, in the quartet with Helge Hinteregger, Oren Marshall and Steve Noble as well as in the trio “Speakers’ Corner” with guitarist Martin Siewert and drummer Wolfgang Reisinger.

The conscious decision to avoid electronic sound sources but to still comprehend the development of digital music on the trumpet – the quarter tone trumpet purchased in 1997 – were decisive stages for the creation of Franz Hautzinger’s sensational solo trumpet CD “Gomberg” (2000) on which he presented this new until then unheard cosmos of sound that he had developed on his instrument. Hautzinger positioned himself with “Gomberg” at the front line of the international improvisation avant-garde; collaborations and CD records with Derek Bailey, the “AMM” veterans Keith Rowe and John Tilbury as well as Axel Dörner, Christian Fennesz or Otomo Yoshihide, and Sachiko M followed. The step into the world of decelerated sound microscopy and from 2003 on the re-discovery of musical sensualism, the confrontation of his trumpet sounds with groove and tunes (“Regenorchester XI” and XII) can be considered as important stages in his development. Franz Hautzinger teaches at the Vienna Music University since 1989, is a member of the Berliner Ensemble “Zeitkratzer” since 1999 and received comissions from Klangforum Vienna amongst others. He is a globetrotter whose unmistakeable musical signature is known from Vienna to Berlin, London to Beirut, or in Tokyo, New York, and Chicago. Franz Hautzinger has shown that even in times where postmodernism is history an instrument can still be reinvented.

Andreas Felber


watch Franz and Isabelle here:

Isabelle Duthoit studies classical music in the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Lyon, and soon, she moves towards contemporain music, and works with composers. She finds her way with free improvise music and she creates projects as Triolid, Trio Canape (with photo and phonography) Fogo (rock band). She is a member of Six, Hiatus (experimental band plays contemporain and improve music) , Sol (free jazz rock) , she plays with Jacques Demierre, Jacques Di Donato. She learns by herself to sing and she has a particular voice, like a language before language, a sing without words. She has a duet with Phil Minton and a solo. In 2008 she’s resident at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto (Japan) and she works with Nô and Bunraku singers. Untill 1995 and 2005 she creates the festival Fruits de Mhere with Jacques Di Donato, festival for experimental music, dance, cinema…. Since 1997, she is a clarinet and improvisation teacher in the Evry Music School (Essone France)

Andrew Reed Miller has worked as a professional musician for over 25 years, playing in orchestras, opera and ballet companies and performing chamber music.

Originally from New York, Andrew now lives in the small city of Saint John, Canada. In the 2000s he began focusing on contemporary and experimental music and developing original compositions. Much of his recent work explores audiovisual media culture and uses interactive electronics and extended instrumental techniques.

Miller is a core member and principal bass of Symphony New Brunswick, he performs  on a bass (2002) by Masa Inokuchi and bows by Reid Hudson.

He is founder and artistic director of Motion Ensemble Inc., an organization dedicated to new and experimental music in the form of productions and collaborations since 1998.  Miller has performed at many venues such as Open Ears Festival (Kitchener), The New Brunswick Summer Music Festival, the Scotia Festival of Music, The Confederation Centre for the Arts (Charlottetown), Ensemble Kore (Montreal) Open Waters (Halifax), Sound Symposium (Newfoundland), Tonic (NYC), Western Front (Vancouver) and The Music Gallery (Toronto).

Andrew had many student inspirations studying bass in Toronto with the great Joel Quarrington, at the University of Ottawa, the Kent Blossom Chamber Music Festival in Ohio, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and many other places. More recently he studied Max/MSP/Jitter programming at Harvestworks in New York

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