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I am a Canadian cellist, specializing in free improvised, interactive electronic and classical music. I believe in music made from listening, collaboration and interaction. I love to express the music of our ancestors and the music of my reality. I love to combine and integrate sounds: old and new, acoustic and electronic, pure and processed. I strive to find the music in all sound, getting inside a sound to find its core and expression. I believe that music made out of listening is music of the heart.

London Blog 2

The flight and following daze was as disorienting as usual! I took the tube into central London as usual, and made the short walk to the flat in Southwark. It’s a neat neighborhood, very renovated, with cool s hops, restaurants and theatres. AND it’s a 7 minute walk to the Thames, and maybe 12 to the Tate Modern: an appropriate place to start the trip! I spent about an hour […]

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UK trip 2015!

Last year at this time, I was was feeling pretty burned out, by an unrelenting schedule of orchestra, administration, suddenlyLISTEN shows and other projects. I promised myself that I’d take some time this year. At the time I thought it was vital to my very survival, and I still think it is. It’s always been important for me to get away and just clear my head, or fill my […]

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Bozzini +4 >> Derome

I am especially excited about presenting the music of Jean Derome on this concert. Jean is one of Canada’s most active and eclectic voices, and he’s a great guy! The Province of Quebec has declared 2015 L’annee Jean Derome in celebration of his 60th birthday, so it’s appropriate he be celebrated in Halifax as well! Jean has performed and had his music played here several times: Twice on the […]

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Bozzini + 4 >> Wolff

This is the second in a series of three posts outlining the composers and works featured on suddenlyLISTEN’s Bozzini + 4 concert at 8pm on Tuesday, November 17 at St. Matthew’s United Church in Halifax. More information on this exciting show is found here.

Our second featured composer is Christian Wolff. Wolff is a self-taught composer (he was academically trained as a classicist, and served as professor of both classics and […]

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