And Finally

As I now sit at home in Halifax, having experienced the past week and especially the most recent two whirlwind days, the tour seems a bit like a distant blur already.

Hamilton to Toronto was a pretty straightforward transfer, with the added intensity of dropping off the van at the sketchy rental car agency near Pearson Airport. Cem came through again and picked me up, saving me what would have […]

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The Hammer. Who knew there was improvised music there? Well, I don’t think there was very much until Cem Zafir arrived last year. Cem is the ultimate free jazz enabler. Over the years he has presented some of the world’s greatest performers in festivals and concert of his creation in several cities. All without funding, infrastructure or even a business plan! He’s poured his own money into our music, […]

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Magali Babin: Questions and Answers

I met Magali Babin when we were both serving on a Canada Council jury together, several years ago. (Jury service always yields new friendships and collaborations I find, (at least arts juries…I’m not sure about the other kinds…). I found Magali to be intelligent and valuable as a jury member, and when I visited her website later,  she hit the programming wish list immediately!

As we approach Les Mains du Son, […]

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Season Wrap Up – Part 2

Finally March rolled around. One of the operating grants was in, and I was ready to play some music again! Sure, the workshop continued, and Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio showcased (and schmoozed) at Open Waters in January, and Norm went to Calgary for the CNMN Forum representing sL and Symphony NS, but we hadn’t played a big show! Our next concert Hourglass was a big show: more compositions, new guests like […]

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