We’re moving!

Our season is ramping up again. Europe, Prince Edward Island and the related relaxation is becoming a memory. Ah well.I’m going to remind you of a couple of things coming up. First of all, this blog is moving to the newly revamped suddenlyLISTEN website. Alex Kall, our web jockey and I thought we’d rest your clicking finger, and put the sLog and the site in the same place.So check […]

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The Music – Lesson #4

The MusicKlineBefore I began suddenlyLISTEN, my knowledge of creative and free music was pretty rudimentary. It was more a barely defined itch that I needed to scratch…..Over the years I’ve had the great opportunity to be introduced to and learn from some of the world’s important musicians, and their music, personally, through suddenlyLISTEN’s concerts. What a privilege.This is a continuation of my “How to Listen to Free Music” series that I started last […]

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20-20 Hindsight

Robin and Christopher in RimouskiIt’s always interesting to look back at a season, (and often humbling to realize how much I’ve forgotten!) So let me try to remember 2012/13:We began with a trip to Rimouski, where Arthur Bull and I played a concert with Eric Normand and my old friend James Darling. The concert was memorable, not just for the music, but also for the beautiful Salle Telus, with […]

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The Birth of Dorian

Last night was the first meeting for Dorian. This  November 15th concert, will be different from any of suddenlyLISTEN’s projects to date, and we’re pretty excited about how it will turn out!There were a couple of ideas that started it all. One was a question I have struggled with for years: How can suddenlyLISTEN find new audience members? Our work is not easy listening; it’s not entertainment that draws large […]

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