The Birth of Dorian

Last night was the first meeting for Dorian. This  November 15th concert, will be different from any of suddenlyLISTEN’s projects to date, and we’re pretty excited about how it will turn out!There were a couple of ideas that started it all. One was a question I have struggled with for years: How can suddenlyLISTEN find new audience members? Our work is not easy listening; it’s not entertainment that draws large […]

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The suddenlyLISTEN Improv Workshop Feb 15

Okay this isn’t OUR workshop but these women look like they feel the same sense of fulfillment we feel on MOnday nights!You know, I think the workshop is experiencing a bit of a renaissance! I’m not sure why, but new people are coming, and adding new energy and new sounds to our group of faithful attendees! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing and nobody like our group of […]

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Tim Crofts talks about Timeless Pulses

Pianist Tim Crofts talks about Timeless Pulses, where he’ll be collaborating with drummer Jerry Granelli, guitarist Geordie Haley and cellist Norman Adams. February 8 at 8

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Norm talks about Timeless Pulses

The first in a series!

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