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London Blog 2

The flight and following daze was as disorienting as usual! I took the tube into central London as usual, and made the short walk to the flat in Southwark. It’s a neat neighborhood, very renovated, with cool s hops, restaurants and theatres. AND it’s a 7 minute walk to the Thames, and maybe 12 to the Tate Modern: an appropriate place to start the trip! I spent about an hour […]

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Norm at CNMN Forum 2014 #2

Immediately upon arriving and the beautiful Rozsa Centre, at the University of Calgary, I was ushered up to a table with a line of microphones, where I was to be a panel member for “Orchestral Programming – New Music and The Big Machine”.

What a title! But in the new music world, orchestras are the fat cats. The ones with seemingly limitless budgets who can truly make things happen!

I sat […]

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20-20 Hindsight

Robin and Christopher in RimouskiIt’s always interesting to look back at a season, (and often humbling to realize how much I’ve forgotten!) So let me try to remember 2012/13:We began with a trip to Rimouski, where Arthur Bull and I played a concert with Eric Normand and my old friend James Darling. The concert was memorable, not just for the music, but also for the beautiful Salle Telus, with […]

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With the first concert of out 2012/13 season out of the way I feel like the future has become the present. We organizers spend so much time thinking ahead, that when the event finally happens, we’ve already moved on, and are thinking about the next show, or even the next season!I think I’ve written about this before……And I am already thinking ahead about […]

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