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London Blog 3

It was a productive day yesterday, begun by dragging my jetlagged butt out of bed and soaking it in strong coffee for a good period. Then (or during) computers were opened and we began to talk about new features in Max 7 and some of the new programming efficiencies they present. I’m hoping that they can wrench my linear brain out of its stupor. I tend to like to see […]

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London Blog 2

The flight and following daze was as disorienting as usual! I took the tube into central London as usual, and made the short walk to the flat in Southwark. It’s a neat neighborhood, very renovated, with cool s hops, restaurants and theatres. AND it’s a 7 minute walk to the Thames, and maybe 12 to the Tate Modern: an appropriate place to start the trip! I spent about an hour […]

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Norm at CNMN Forum 2014 #2

Immediately upon arriving and the beautiful Rozsa Centre, at the University of Calgary, I was ushered up to a table with a line of microphones, where I was to be a panel member for “Orchestral Programming – New Music and The Big Machine”.

What a title! But in the new music world, orchestras are the fat cats. The ones with seemingly limitless budgets who can truly make things happen!

I sat […]

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20-20 Hindsight

Robin and Christopher in RimouskiIt’s always interesting to look back at a season, (and often humbling to realize how much I’ve forgotten!) So let me try to remember 2012/13:We began with a trip to Rimouski, where Arthur Bull and I played a concert with Eric Normand and my old friend James Darling. The concert was memorable, not just for the music, but also for the beautiful Salle Telus, with […]

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