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It’s about the audience – Lesson #3

So I’ve been thinking about performers versus artists, as I play “Ring of Fire”, here in Charlottetown PEI. Each night I see those kids go out and sing and dance their hearts out with such enthusiasm and dedication! It’s unfathomable really, for a guy like me. How do they do it? They just can’t be that dedicated to this music – it was popular decades before they were born, […]

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It’s About the Musicians – Lesson #2

It is the height of summer and today I’m taking a little rest from gleefully sacrificing myself out cycling on the roads and trails of Prince Edward Island. Whew.In a continuation of my “how to listen to free music” series, I’d like to reflect on last weekend’s activities, which inspired me to write this piece.Lukas Norm and JeffFirst some backstory though: I met Jeff Younger in a parking lot […]

Chants d’Oiseaux

Norman Adams talks about Chants d’Oiseaux April 20, in Halifax

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Tim Crofts talks about Timeless Pulses

Pianist Tim Crofts talks about Timeless Pulses, where he’ll be collaborating with drummer Jerry Granelli, guitarist Geordie Haley and cellist Norman Adams. February 8 at 8

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