2017-18 Season Roll Out

Welcome to our new season. This year, the hard working people at sL have decided to tease you into things: announcing our season gradually, to let you fully absorb each exciting facet of our new season! You will read a post or get an email like this, then you can head to our website or FaceBook Page for links to recordings and more artist information. We think this is […]

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April Shows, not Showers

This post is the next in the series of suddenlyLISTEN’s email reposts!

Adams, Baroni, Crofts
As easy as 1,2,3…
8pm, Wednesday, April 5, 2017
The Presbyterian Church of St. David
1544 Grafton Street, Halifax
$20 or PWYC, available at the door

Surprise! Here’s a concert that has popped up for you all to enjoy: A mixed bag of new pieces, and new collaborations: Nicola Baroni is an Italian cellist who specializes in improvisation, contemporary music, and […]

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Back Patting

The other day I saw a listing online, of the guest artists at the Vision Festival in New York City. The Vision Fest is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its week’s worth of concerts, and visual arts (and there’s even a parade!) at the Judson Memorial Church and Columbia University in NYC. It’s been led all these years by William Parker and others, and features some of the giants […]

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And Finally

As I now sit at home in Halifax, having experienced the past week and especially the most recent two whirlwind days, the tour seems a bit like a distant blur already.

Hamilton to Toronto was a pretty straightforward transfer, with the added intensity of dropping off the van at the sketchy rental car agency near Pearson Airport. Cem came through again and picked me up, saving me what would have […]

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