Weird Times Continue

It is completely outside our experience to look out our windows into an international crisis, feeling the disruption, discomfort and frustration of isolation and unplanned, sudden change. 

And it is humbling, when I take a minute to sit and reflect that these feelings, this disruption, is totally unfamiliar to me, but not to so many others: People experience much worse every day on our planet: war, hunger, insecurity. And through […]

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The Strangest Times

These are the strangest of times.

By Friday, March 13 we at suddenlyLISTEN knew things were shifting quickly for us, our work, our friends and the entire planet. You already know what this email is about, so I’ll preface it with a true story:

The past 2 weeks have been the most rewarding and productive time for suddenlyLISTEN. We enjoyed 10 days with our first Artist-in-Residence, Montreal violist and vocalist Jennifer Thiessen. […]

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The Big Trip – Italy

We have now been in Italy for 2 days. I’ve had a couple of chances to look around a bit,  eaten some food, and had numerous (very small) coffees! It’s Italy, so I won’t write too much. My initial impression is worn glory, partially because things are really old, partially because things aren’t well taken care of, and often because the beauty lies in the courtyards, and piazzas!

You know, […]

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The Big Trip – Edinburgh 2

Things have been busy! So I’m bit behind on posts. Here’s the final Scottish post. It’s warmer here in Bologna…..

I’m writing now from the flight to Bergamo. It’s been an eventful two days even though we haven’t played concerts! Yesterday was off, it felt good to be alone a bit and confront my own world a bit, seems thing to continue on in Halifax without me and I have […]

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