The Big Trip #2

It’s amazing how two cellists can travel from distant points on the globe and manage to meet up, on time, in Kings Cross Station in the heart of London. And one of those cellists uses a rather battered flip phone to boot!

Nicola and I did meet! Both of us had enjoyed 3 hours of sleep each, so progress was not speedy, but it was accurate, and though physically taxing, […]

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The Big Trip #1

Introduction: Summer ended yesterday. They say in PEI that the weather changes after the Gold Cup and Saucer Harness Race. With global climate change and a seemingly inflexible harness racing season, I have begun to measure the seasons by my bike rides. Summer starts when I can wear shorts. Summer ends at the conclusion of my last ride on PEI. Yesterday it was quite warm in the sun when […]

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More Travels!

suddenlyLISTEN and I are so happy to announce that A:B, my duo with my friend Italian cellist, Nicola Baroni of Bologna, will undertake a five city European tour this fall! The tour begins September 22 in London at the Colourscape Festival, (called “Europe’s most unusual festival”) and continues on to performances at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, a concert in Bologna, Italy in cooperation with MASKFest, and culminates […]


It’s been a great season for suddenlyLISTEN travels, and with this exciting announcement, we can tell you about more to come!

2017/18 saw Collateral, travelling across Canada with 12 concerts from St. John’s to Victoria. Along the way we met all kinds of people, and revisited old friends. These personal connections are vital to keeping this exploratory music alive: Connections with the musicians that dedicate themselves to developing their craft, […]

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