Project Description

8pm, Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Art Bar + Projects

1873 Granville Street, Halifax
$20 or pay what you can NSCAD students admitted free

This concert is presented in cooperation with NSCAD

suddenlyLISTEN opens its 2018/19 season with a quartet of Japanese artists celebrating sound and visual arts in performance!

松樹千年翠 (Shoju-Sennenno-Midori) travel the world presenting their unique blend of biwa (Japanese guitar), percussion, Ikebana (flower arranging) and calligraphy: ancient arts combine with local materials in real-time performance!

Watch and listen to 松樹千年翠 (Shoju-Sennenno-Midori) here!

Naoto Yamagishi writes: “We are often captivated by the colourful spectacle and beauty brought up by each season – cherry blossoms in spring, the fresh verdure of summer, and the autumn foliage. The pine trees(matsu) do not appear to undergo many changesthroughout the year – the changes are subtle and rarely attract people’s attention. However, the pines weather over a long period of time with countless and unnoticeable transitions, maintaining their greenness for over one thousand years. We, like inconspicuous pines, intend to approach our project with consistency and a long-term view of the past, present and future. We deliver what has been inherited for many generations. However, our concept is subject to the current time and place. Our project is based on the collaboration of calligraphy, Ikebana and sound improvisation. Each artist will react to the unique atmosphere of the Art Bar while responding to each others movements and materials via live performance.”

松樹千年翠 (Shoju-Sennenno-Midori) will also lead a public workshop of their work at 730pm Monday, October 8, at 1313 Hollis Street. Admission $5

Shiraishi Setsuhi: calligraphy

Rieko Fujitaka: biwa

Oshun Tsukagoshi: ikebana

Naoto Yamagishi: percussion