Project Description

7:30pm, Sunday, October 20, 2019

Eigenfeldt and the Musebots: with Derek Charke and Norm Adams

Art Bar + Projects

1891 Granville Street, Halifax
$20 or pay what you can

How smart is your computer, really? Can it listen? Can it make music with human musicians?

Arne Eigenfeldt is a Canadian composer and computer programmer. Part of his work is the creation of musebots: autonomous musical agents (or bits of computer code) that can interact and make sound with other musebots and with live musicians! In this unique concert Arne’s musebots will improvise and create electronic and acoustic music with Juno and ECMA Award winning flutist Derek Charke and cellist Norm Adams. This will be a great chance to hear music created under unusual circumstances, and to experience leading edge machine learning at work and play! There will also be an opening performance by local artists TBA.

See Arne’s musebots at work with last season’s guest artist Peggy Lee.

Check out this performance video of Derek Charke.