Project Description

7:30pm, Saturday, January 6, 2018

Francois Houle

The Sir James Dunn Theatre

The Dalhousie Arts Centre, Halifax
Tickets at Dalhousie Box Office or at the door

Clarinet Extensions

Francois Houle – clarinet (Vancouver)
Tim Crofts – piano
Norman Adams – cello

Francois Houle has been a force in Canadian creative music for years. He manages to effortlessly straddle the worlds of contemporary music, improvised music and free jazz. Francois is known as an innovator on the clarinet, playing (sometimes two instruments simultaneously!) with passion and intensity, not limited by the restrictions of tradition. Collaboration, especially long term collaborations is a constant with Francois: He has played and toured for over 25 years, with Benoit Delbecq, 20 with Joelle Leandre and over 10 with Grdina and Loewen. In Halifax, he’ll join for the first time, with two of the city’s most creative and accomplished improvisers Tim Crofts and Norm Adams. For over 10 years Crofts and Adams have played, recorded, toured, lead workshops, and generally explored music and sound together. Come hear the meeting of these creative forces!

Watch and listen to Francois Houle here