Project Description

8pm, Sunday, May 10, 2019

Mazen Kerbaj

Venue TBA

May 10, 2019

2203 Gottingen Street, Halifax
$20 or pay what you can

Artistic Director Norm Adams writes: “One of the aspects of improvised music that I love the most is the openness it offers to cross style and cross cultural collaborations. Because we play free, and embrace that, we can play music anywhere, with any like-minded soul regardless of their instrument or training or musical culture. Mazen Kerbaj is a great example of this. He is a musician and visual artist who was a key builder of Beirut, Lebanon’s underground music scene, and has played with many great artists from all over the world. I first became aware of Mazen Kerbaj several years ago in a Musicworks Magazine
article about the Beirut music scene, and the challenges of making concerts in often violent Lebanon. Then he began popping up all over: both Magda Mayas (who played for sL in 2014) and Sam Shalabi both have played with him a lot and thought he’d be a good fit for our series. It only seems proper that we bring him to Eastern Canada for the first time. Mazen’s music is created from pushing his trumpet to its limits and beyond, playing it in ways that it’s inventors could have never imagined: A resonator, a table, a drum! The results are free, colourful and truly original. This concert will match Mazen with percussionist and musical inventor D’Arcy Gray and Norm Adams.

Listen to Mazen Kerbaj here!