Project Description

7:30pm, Saturday, May 18, 2019

Peggy Lee (Vancouver: solo cello) & Tim Crofts (solo piano)


The Presbyterian Church of Saint David

1544 Grafton Street, Halifax
$20 or pay what you can, available at the door

suddenlyLISTEN is all about collaboration.

Artistic Director Norm Adams writes: “I’m fascinated with observing and participating in the meeting of minds that improvisation provides us. But I also respect the clarity and mastery of the improvised solo. In this arena, the artist only has their own imagination to draw from, and the results are a true window into the artist.”

Peggy Lee (Vancouver) is Canada’s most important creative cellist. Period. She has led bands, toured the world, played with big stars, composed and recorded, for 20 years. She is really heavy, and we’re lucky to have her play here in Halifax!

Tim Crofts is becoming recognized as an important member of the Canadian creative music community. Tim’s tours across Canada, both as a soloist and with various ensembles, as well as his local collaborations on the suddenlyLISTEN Series have spread the word about our priceless creative asset! Playing solo has always been a big part of Tim’s musical practice and this set will focused, expressive and really beautiful.

Listen to Peggy’s music here!