with Symphony Nova Scotia and Buck 65I am a Canadian cellist, specializing in free improvised, interactive electronic and classical music. I believe in music made from listening, collaboration and interaction. I love to express the music of our ancestors and the music of my reality. I love to combine and integrate sounds: old and new, acoustic and electronic, pure and processed. I strive to find the music in all sound, getting inside a sound to find its core and expression. I believe that music made out of listening is music of the heart.

Please check out my site and the links, especially my company suddenlyLISTEN, where you can hear lots of music and learn even more!

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What's New

Norm in the UK
It's December 2015, and I'm spending a little over a week in the UK with Sebastian Lexer, working on my Max/MSP processing system, and playing a couple of shows in London and Glasgow! All thanks to Arts Nova Scotia and The Maude Whitmore Scholarship program. During this trip I'll be posting at The sLog ( so plase surf in that direction to read about what's happening!
A busy life
Wow, it's been a super busy fall of 2014. It feels like September was a heartbeat ago! Highlights? Well the trip to Newfoundland for String Fest was very intense and super fun. The kids were very open and ready to participate in collectively creating an orchestra piece in only about an hour - And it worked! And the concert with Sam Shalabi was amazing. I think we'll release the recording it was so good so watch for that. Speaking of releasing, the Crofts/Adams/Pearse + Gerry Heming way CD Literal Lateral is finally out! watch for it at shows and on!
Off to Europe!
February 1 my family and I begin a four month stay in Europe, travelling a bit and basically living in a different culture! We are really excited about it. This means that my concert schedule is somewhat reduced for the first half of 2013, but I think the payoffs from the trip will be great. We'll be in France mostly, around Geneve and in May in the Toulouse region. But we'll be in Morocco in later arch and traveling in the UK in early April, so if you're in the area, let's be in touch! I don't want the trip to be too music-centric, but I do want to meet new people, and hear some new sounds, so please keep me in the loop. A bientot!
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