CollateralCollateral was formed in 2014 at a suddenlyLISTEN concert in Halifax. The concert and recording were so strong and the shared bond between the musicians was so great, that the concert’s music was made into a self titled CD, for release. This recording will be re-released by Bug Incision in 2018.

Collateral toured across Canada in 2017/18, playing concerts in St. John’s, Charlottetown, and Halifax in November 2017, and shows in Rimouski, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria in April 2018. The final concert was recorded for a future release.

This tour disseminated the special live music this trio makes: There are sounds of contemporary classical music, Middle Eastern reminiscences, and free jazz fused together, with a very approachable result. The musicians play and create together with a wide variety of approaches to their instruments, from the most predictable sounds to fully extended techniques. The audience hears the full range of musical execution happening simultaneously! The result is colourful, expressive and powerful.

Sam Shalabi is an Egyptian-Canadian composer and improviser, living between Montreal, Quebec and Cairo, Egypt. Beginning in punk rock in the late 70s,his work has evolved into a fusion of experimental, modern Arabic Music that incorporates traditional Arabic, shaabi, noise, classical, text, free improvisation and jazz. He has released dozens of recordings of many projects from solo to large ensemble, and composed music for dance, theatre and film.

Tim Crofts is a true 21st Century pianist. He performs a wide variety of music in concerts clubs and recordings. However, Tim’s main focus remains improvisation & new music. His musical style combines elements of 20th century classical music with free jazz improvisation and world music aesthetics. In performance, Tim explores the full sonic capabilities of the acoustic piano through extended techniques and a wide range of piano preparations.

Norman Adams is the Artistic Director of suddenlyLISTEN, and a cellist and improviser exploring music, sound creation and multidisciplinary performance. Norm has performed across Canada, the US, the UK and France, collaborating with many leading artists including Joelle Leandre, Eddie Prévost, Pauline Oliveros, Gerry Hemingway, and Jean Derome. He has released two recordings with the C/A/P Trio and currently has a solo recording in production. In 2010 Norm was awarded an Established Artist Award by the Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Partnership Council, and he serves on several arts boards, including the Canadian New Music Network.