EHRESIn November 2016 the world lost Pauline Oliveros. A visionary, thinker, performer, teacher and mentor to many including sL’s Norman Adams, Pauline will be remembered for so much, but we in Halifax will remember her two performances, in 2005 and 2011. These shows featured EHRES, who also performed in Banff, Alberta, at NUMUS Concerts in Waterloo, Ontario and The Lincoln Center Outdoor Festival in New York City. sL has left this page up to honour Pauline and her great work and great life.

suddenlyLISTEN presents EHRES (Extreme High Risk Entertainment System) – Pauline Oliveros, John DS Adams, Ione, and Norman Adams: a quartet of performers employing a groundbreaking system of acoustic and electronic interconnections for live performance. EHRES creates multilayered networks of connections allowing all sounds to be shared, processed and distributed to a multi-channel sound system.

The web of connections begins with the interaction of the artist’s immediate music making process. EHRES balances on the unique qualities of listening, intuition, emotion, timbre, and range that make their individual methods of music making present. Their web extends further into electronic sound, as the musicians process various signals, as the artists interact with one another’s acoustic and electronic sounds and as the sounds move through the performance space, via the immersive, eight channel speaker array.

Musical structures are created spontaneously within each of the performer’s instruments/systems and extends into the interconnections and interactions between the artists and the control of their systems.

EHRES has performed on the suddenlyLISTEN Series in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2005; on the NUMUS Series in Waterloo, Ontario, in 2006; and in August 2007, at The Lincoln Center Outdoor Festival in New York City.