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The Big Trip – Italy

We have now been in Italy for 2 days. I’ve had a couple of chances to look around a bit,  eaten some food, and had numerous (very small) coffees! It’s Italy, so I won’t write too much. My initial impression is worn glory, partially because things are really old, partially because things aren’t well taken care of, and often because the beauty lies in the courtyards, and piazzas!

You know, […]

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The Big Trip – Edinburgh 2

Things have been busy! So I’m bit behind on posts. Here’s the final Scottish post. It’s warmer here in Bologna…..

I’m writing now from the flight to Bergamo. It’s been an eventful two days even though we haven’t played concerts! Yesterday was off, it felt good to be alone a bit and confront my own world a bit, seems thing to continue on in Halifax without me and I have […]

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The Big Trip – Edinburgh

Wow that was an intense 2 days! It started with an early rise, a 9am fast train that

turned slow, a 3 hour late arrival, a sudden meal of Chinese food, and finally a rehearsal at Yati Durant’s amazing high ceilinged flat in Edinburgh. A rehearsal that continued past fish and chips until 10:30pm. I took a cab to my Air B & B (Thanks NS Department of Tourism Culture […]

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The Big Trip – London

I guess you don’t really need to write much about The Colourscape Music Festival in London…a picture, (especially here) is worth a thousand words!


Needless to say this was a singular experience, playing in a maze of interconnected vinyl bubbles with hundreds of people clad in ponchos made of primary colours, lounging, strolling, talking, bouncing by! What a great venue for improvised music. And to get to play with great […]

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