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The Big Trip – Edinburgh

Wow that was an intense 2 days! It started with an early rise, a 9am fast train that

turned slow, a 3 hour late arrival, a sudden meal of Chinese food, and finally a rehearsal at Yati Durant’s amazing high ceilinged flat in Edinburgh. A rehearsal that continued past fish and chips until 10:30pm. I took a cab to my Air B & B (Thanks NS Department of Tourism Culture […]

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The Big Trip – London

I guess you don’t really need to write much about The Colourscape Music Festival in London…a picture, (especially here) is worth a thousand words!


Needless to say this was a singular experience, playing in a maze of interconnected vinyl bubbles with hundreds of people clad in ponchos made of primary colours, lounging, strolling, talking, bouncing by! What a great venue for improvised music. And to get to play with great […]

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The Big Trip #3

I’m such terrible picture taker! I apologize for this blog’s freedom from photographs! I am so busy looking around, it just doesn’t occur to me to pull out my phone.

Take my word for it, Brixton is an exciting place! It’s very international, a large Jamaican and African community, with many Arabic people as well. So far we have eaten food from Jamaica, Nigeria and Mexico, all within 3 blocks!

I did […]

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The Big Trip #2

It’s amazing how two cellists can travel from distant points on the globe and manage to meet up, on time, in Kings Cross Station in the heart of London. And one of those cellists uses a rather battered flip phone to boot!

Nicola and I did meet! Both of us had enjoyed 3 hours of sleep each, so progress was not speedy, but it was accurate, and though physically taxing, […]

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