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Call for Art Projects

suddenlyLISTEN is launching a new shared curation project in 2022/2023. 


sL is dedicated to focusing our artistic vision on questions of equity, reconciliation, and accessibility. We are interested in experimenting with new models of artistic leadership and learning about and interacting with artistic leaders with whom we have not yet connected, or who are expanding their practice to include a leadership role.


For this project call, sL will help fund a sound-based artistic project envisioned and produced by a curator or group of curators who have not played a curatorial role in suddenlyLISTEN activity in the past and who have been unable to produce work on this scale before.


These projects could be a concert, but could include participatory community, or outreach activities, installations/gallery/durational shows, online publications, educational initiatives, or even more traditional performance activities. We are hoping to support this activity by offering a grant of $4000 to cover expenses incurred in the project.


We are looking for artistic leaders coming from diverse and/or marginalized groups, and/or communities that have been under-represented.


Interested artists should submit a short 300-word description of their idea by October 31. One project will be selected to be presented in 2023.


Let's talk. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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