Nicola Baroni earned conservatory diplomas in Cello Performance and in Electronic Music, and a degree in Musical Aesthetics at the University of Bologna, and he holds a PhD in Composition from the University of Edinburgh. Nicola is currently deeply involved in electro-acoustic music and composition, principally in live electronics and interactive performance with Digitally Augmented Cello and real-  time Software. This work has led him to perform and present at  many conferences and music series around the world. Nicola is currently cello professor at Conservatorio di Milano and his discography includes music by Monteverdi, Torelli, Liszt, Malipiero, Villa Lobos, Scelsi, Gentilucci, Messieri for labels which include Tactus, Bongiovanni, Naxos, La Bottega Discantica, Luna, and Rivo Alto.