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November 23 Workshop

We had a nice Improv workshop last night at 1313. Devin returned which made for some new energy in the group - and bassoon always adds well to Lukas' bass and my cello. Andrew brought his violin again. I'm amazed at Andrew's courage to buy an instrument he has no history with and play it in totally unconventional ways! I didn't realize until halfway through the session, that he holds the bow in the wrong hand. I guess it's not wrong after all.....

Tim is showing increased mastery of his circuit bent Casio and Kaos pad combo. He's really worked to limit his options to best learn the rather unpredictable Casio. It's really working. His music is conscious and responsive in addition to it's grittiness! Nice.

Geordie always amazes me, just every time. He is so musical and so tasteful, and so rockin'! And so conscious: I get the feeling as he sets up a process or a preparation that he knows exactly what it is going to sound like. That is the benefit of practicing this stuff. It's always right sounding.

Howard is always a mischievous creature behind his ever changing gear pile, ready to throw a wrench into the works with his smirk, or tasteful compliment the other music. It was nice to have Sheilagh there as well, her first time. A little movement goes a long way, and she fit in well to our weird sound world.

We've been going a long time - 4 years now, and we are continuing. New members are welcome, with new sounds come new inspirations and new possibilities. Come on down!

Nov 24, 2009 at 09:36

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