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Sabbatical Tour Chronicles #1

It’s a stunning morning, misty and unusually warm for late-ish October. As the sun rises the beams stream in the windows of Stanfield airport revealing the equally stunned faces of my fellow travellers. Maybe it’s just that it’s 7:30, and many of these folks have been up for a couple of hours already, but I think it may be that airports have become a more serious and exhausting place, and air travel has become equally serious and exhausting. I see it in the faces around me.

But although I’m a bit tired, I’m not feeling any drudgery! I'm on the cusp of a pretty exciting little period of travel, music, personal expansion and old friends. Perhaps this is the ultimate sabbatical trip. I get a chance to really explore a few of my quite varied artistic interests: drama, creation, technology, location, friends. Over the next 17 days I’ll write a bit about what I’m seeing and hearing, as I travel to Ontario, to Scotland, to Newfoundland, PEI and finally home!

This morning, I travel to Toronto where I’ll get picked up by Craig Fair. Craig is one of the wonderful Music Directors at the Charlottetown Festival, where I work each summer, and he’s an old friend too. (It’s always a treat to revisit summer a bit….our work on PEI is just the best job ever!) Craig has invited me to play a show he’s directing in Kingston and Brockville. It’s a concert of musical theatre pieces with seven singers and a small band of six. I don’t actually know that much about it, I’m mostly happy to spend some time hanging with Craig and playing the some of the lovely lines he always writes for me, and Sue. Unfortunately Sue is stuck at home a busy with SNS and comforting a rather concerned dog (suitcases make Penny maudlin). Lets see what happens, either way I know it’s going to be fun, low pressure with some laughs, some epic performances by those theatre people, and a great hang with Craig and Evan Stewart, another pal from Charlottetown.

Yay Sabbatical! There's more to come.

Oct 24, 2017 at 21:56

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