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suddenlyLISTEN presents

Emily Kennedy, Nicole Rampersaud

and Arthur Bull

A word from Norm

Welcome to the first indoor concert of suddenlyLISTEN’s 20th year! Thanks for joining us. The surreality in the world is ongoing, but we continue to believe that live creative music is still the best way to remain in touch with our humanity. And that’s what we have to hang onto!

Tonight you’ll hear Emily Kennedy, a young creator from Fredericton, who has been sL’s Artist in Residence for the past week or so. I’m so excited by her creative energy and calm, articulate nature. It’ll be great to witness her work in progress and to imagine what the final product will be! We’ll also hear two of the most established improvisers in our region. Nicole and Arthur each possess such unique sound and expressive worlds! I know experiencing the two at the same time, working together will be a rare and powerful event. I’m happy you’re here to experience it!

A special thanks tonight, to Susan Hunter and John Siemens who continue to be such generous supporters of suddenlyLISTEN and our music in general. We can all learn from their openness, humour, and their concrete and supportive actions. Thanks to John and Susan!

-Norm Adams - Artistic Director

Meet the Artists


Show Credits

For suddenlyLISTEN:

Artistic Director - Norman Adams

Administration, Production support - Jessica Lowe

Photographer- Jack Scrine

We thank our funders and supporters, most notably: Arts Nova Scotia, The City of Halifax, The Province of Nova Scotia, The SOCAN Foundation and the Canada Council for the Arts. 
Also thanks to 1313 Hollis, Susan Hunter and John Siemens, and all of our workshop attendees and concert patrons.

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