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Gina Burgess

Halifax-based musician Gina Burgess is an accomplished performer,  crafter, yoga instructor and music teacher. Studying violin since the age of  five and teaching music professionally since 2001, Gina has become a  sought after soloist, educator and music wellness coach across Canada  and beyond. 

With over 20 years of classical training, Gina excels in virtually any musical  setting: She is one fifth of the Juno nominated Iqaluit-based Arctic rock  band “The Jerry Cans” (who were featured on the Juno’s live t.v. awards  broadcast in 2018) is a four-time ECMA award winner with the gypsy-jazz  outfit “Gypsophilia”, fronts her own klezmer band “Der Heisser” and solo  project Gina Burgess Music. She is also a regular collaborator in flamenco  and Arabic music ensembles. 

Gina has toured Europe thrice over with Tim Crabtree’s atmospheric  ensemble; “Paper Beat Scissors”, and with folk-pop artist Gabrielle  Papillon. She has performed and conducted youth workshops in Canada,  the USA, Australia, Europe, Greenland, Columbia and New Zealand.  

In addition to touring, Gina makes regular trips to remote communities in  Nunavut to perform, teach music and instruct yoga/meditation classes. 

Gina has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, Maria Osende  Flamenco Co., Shauntay Grant, Dinuk Wijeratne, Erin Costelo, Hey  Rosetta!, Joseph Petric, the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, Rich Aucoin,  Duane Andrews, NAFAS, Symphony Nova Scotia, Lily Frost, DJ Spooky  and Alex Conde.

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