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17 hours later.....

It is almost noon here in Basel and my cello and suitcase are in Frankfurt still. I’ve decided to stay and wait for them as Swissport couldn’t guarantee delivery until tomorrow. I just have to wait until 2, so time for my first grande café!

The air is different the languages are varied and I really notice the scent of perfume!

And internet is hard to find.

But I’ve found it now, in Mulhouse! I had to pay for it though....which seems pretty common, the only free wi-fi seemed to be outside a MacDonalds...

I took a walk around the old part of Mulhouse this evening, ate Strasbourgeois sausage and had a blanche beer at an outdoor café in the town square. It’s a great old part of the city with lots of old buildings, curvy alleys and pedestrian streets lined with shops.I also picked up a brochure for Meteo Mulhouse, and was reminded how little I planned for this trip. Because I get to see an armload of great concerts! Joelle Leandre of course, Barry Guy, John Tilbury, Ernst Reisjiger, Axel Dorner, Keith Rowe, Ignaz Schick…whew. 

I can’t wait to start listening. 

Tomorrow is the first day of the stages, my cello has finally arrived, and I’m pumped! I'm loving Europe.

Nice Streets

The canal that runs in front of Central Stationelectric rental bikes...mmm bikes... 

Aug 21, 2011 at 16:45

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