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A New Year a New Blog

Well it is almost fall. A time for new year's resolutions in this artist/administrator's mind.

The first idea is getting this blog to be a useful, informative tool. Which is why it I will be working to open it up to others to contribute. Make it a conversation - It's not my idea, it's David Barteaux's, sorry it's taken so long David....

I imagine this to become a forum for comments on the work of sL, what happened at the workshop? How was that last concert? Have you got great ideas for guests or concerts? What is the meaning of this improvised music thing anyway? I like to think of sL as a community, so the community should get a chance to speak.

So please let me know that you'd like to write and I'll figure out how to get you into the system, and please check back here regularly, with more people writing, we ought to get more than 2 posts a year up!

I'm looking forward to a great conversation.

Published on: Sep 6, 2009 at 13:41

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