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December already

Yeah it's December already the virtual halfway point of the year. The fall has been so intense that I feel glad it's almost half over! Of course in suddenlyLISTEN Land the second half of the year is more intense with January marking the opening of grant season. I strap on a computer from then until April 1st and write and edit and imagine my brains out. My family does not love this time. But it's satifying for me, especially when the money comes in, and articulating my dreams is always fun. And it is less invasive these days with help from Andrea and SAM who help immeasurably. Bt ewnough of the future. The past has been great. beyond/beside/behind/before (Is that what it's called? I have to look it up each time - you know what I'm talking about...) was great fun and a real success. It was amazing to play with Allison and D'Arcy and to get to make sound with such a variety of instruments and noisemakers! I had a hoot, and discovered the iPod Touch as an exciting new instrument. This week is sL meets Kumquat and rehearsals for that have been moving along. This is real deeparture for sL as playing written pieces has rarely been a priority, but working with Simon Docking, Suzanne Lemieux and Sue Sayle who are such great players has been terifuc. A special holler goes out to Zach Fairbrother, one of our Dal Student players who has shown himself to be professional, and capibal of hanging with the pros for this concert. He's going to do great. Workers Union is epic, truly a struggle that never ends! We found ourselves talking about the labour movement this morning! It's a piece that makes a point, not really fun to listen to maybe, but it is saying something important about people working together, having a say, being committed to a cause and


2008/12/01 at 5:02 pm

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