• Norm Adams

Dorian #2

We moved to the more colourful, and even cheaper CFNS offices for our next rehearsal on Sunday evening. Thanks Andrea R for setting that up! Last night was really productive as we started to run our "14 stations of the cross piece" 

This work was begun by Karen, Theo and Sebastien in the summer in Antigonish. They hoped to work with perspective as a painter works with it in visual art: fore, middle and background. Somehow they got fixated with the 14 stations of the cross, and investigated the works in St. Ninian's Cathedral, trying to reproduce the feel of those paintings in scenes from Dorian Gray. So we have 14 pivotal scenes which are built into tableaus with transitions between tableaus. The music will colour the transitions as well as represent different characters in the book. We've given Gina the role of Dorian, so her work is cut out for her! It's going to be great, and really interesting to smooth out the changes, and see how it looks and sounds in the end! 

Tonight we'll work with outrageous Oscar Wilde quotes, and a piece that involves the sounds of different sectors of Victorian English society. This is fun work!

Nov 7, 2011 at 10:52

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