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Dorian #3

Okay things are getting serious now, as we are seeing the end of the prep tunnel approaching. Monday night we gathered again and started with new discussions on the 14 tableaus. The actors have decided that announcing each tableau is too obvious (Irondale is sounding like the suddenlyLISTEN of the theatre scene...we don't want to make this too easy for you all!) so they will now inject dialogue after the still, to illustrate what the audience just saw. So we decided the musicians will hold more responsibility: as the dialogue begins we will improvise a short piece, as the actors hear that finishing they'll move to their positions for the following tableau. Listening will be happening big-time! Then we played with idea of eliminating all the dialogue from a scene and just portraying the other sounds, split into a Victorian upper-class party and an opium den, portraying Dorian's two worlds. This will be an really interesting sound piece that we'll all perform together! Next we drew up a road map of the whole night and discussed what we still need to do to bring the show to life. We're happy to report that the show will not be 20 minutes long, nor will it be 3 hours in length! We sure won't be over-rehearsed, but this kind of collective creation is what I love most. Everyone working together, pitching ideas and honing them down to their most effective, most powerful form. We are all thinking of our goals for the evening, always working to the ideals of interaction, and improvisation that were the seeds of this concert idea! Next we move to The Bus Stop Theatre, and see how things fit there, how much we can use the space and how much lighting we can take advantage of! That will be fun for sure. i love to watch theatre artists work a room! Pictures and another update will follow. We're pretty excited.

Nov 8, 2011 at 21:57

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