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Evan Parker in Halifax

It was like a waterfall: constant streamings of sound. And in the streams, jewels would pop out. My ear would be drawn to the jewels and I’d listen. Then, I realize there was a repetition, and then a pattern, and then a melody developing out of this torrent of sound!

The waterfall continued, as waterfalls do, and the melody became a series of variations, born by chance or by design, but always developing, becoming more powerful, fuelled by a creative fire. 

I was deep inside the waterfall, the acoustics of the room allowed me to feel like the sound was raining over me. The depth of listening needed to envelope myself in this high speed torrent became too much for me; I had to remove myself, take a step back. And then I’d realize I should go back in, I needed to go back in because I knew this music was a once in a lifetime experience I shouldn’t miss.

In I went again and the sonic world was as beautiful and as complex as it was before, but different and still evolving. 

I didn’t want it to end.

When the piece finally concluded, after over 20 minutes of constant sound I was stunned with what we had all experienced. And everyone in the room knew they had shared in a rare moment of artistic mastery, a rare and special musical experience.

Apr 21, 2011 at 17:03

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