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Even Further Out

Vancouver and Victoria are so fortunate to have artist-run centres that are dedicated to new music programming. Halifax had the Khyber, which in its day was an institutional (almost) equivalent, but our Khyber is almost lost to municipal mistrust, misunderstanding, and mismanagement.

As for Open Space, our host was Chris Reiche, one of the champions of new music on the left coast. He is actively trying to help performers and composers, in addition to creating and performing himself. People like DB and Chris are the heroes.

In Victoria we had great Indian food together (really great), which set us up nicely for a spicy concert! We got play for some old friends and family here, and it was rewarding to play this music for people that were there out of responsibility but left the hall feeling excited by the action! I’m not sure why I periodically still worry about people’s reaction to my music. Almost invariably, they are rewarded by it.

By the time we reached the second set, I just didn’t want the show to end. It’s really starting to feel tight now. Gerry ended up on the floor rolling objects, Tim is nursing an injured finger, but is still playing great: full on, and Lukas and I are developing a nightly choral of quiet, and a bit heartbreaking harmonies together.

Travelling together is fun, we laugh a lot, tell stories and laugh some more. Timing has been good, so stress is low, and thankfully aircraft have been on time! We drop into a place, find the coffee, find the food, play the show, have a beer, and repeat!

Apr 4, 2015 at 11:19

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