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Freedman Closes out 17/18

It was 2007 when suddenlyLISTEN first brought Lori Freedman to Halifax. This was by no means her first trip east, she’d been here many times at the Jazz Festival, as a guest of Upstream Music and as a touring artist. I was pretty familiar with her work, and with her sound. As a learning improviser, I wanted to experience that, and as a presenter I wanted to show that to Halifax again. During the rehearsal period for the show I witnessed many sides of Lori: her fire and energy, playing 100% every time she put her instrument to her lips; her single mindedness and dedication to her sound and her music making; her outright refusal to compromise that sound; and finally, her generosity when she stayed behind after to rehearsal to play more with me. It was like a private lesson!

I think of Lori Freedman as a true artist of our time, fearless in her choices, an excellent in her musical conception and execution, committed to adventurous music and sharing it with audiences.

Bringing her back to Halifax is going to be a treat. We have matched her with Tim Crofts, Andrew MacKelvie and Doug Cameron, all able to match her intensity and at the same time, hold their own ground and stand beside her musically.

I know the concert will be as memorable as the first time! See you May 15, 2018 at St David's Presbyterian, 1544 Grafton Street, Halifax! 8pm. $20 or PWYC

May 7, 2018 at 10:59

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