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Have you heard about the Improvathon!? (I know, the name is terrible, it was a sort of ironic title we came up with at a board meeting, and stalled on...we just couldn't find a better one (or even a different one....) we do welcome your suggestions for next year!)

Anyway, on Saturday, September 20, from 12pm to 12am suddenlyLISTEN presents the first Halifax Improvathon! at 1313 Hollis Street.

Admission is $10 or $5 with a non-perishable food item for Feed Nova Scotia. Tickets are available at the door, and allow all day access to the show.

This event will be a benefit for suddenlyLISTEN, will celebrate NovaScotia's vibrant improvising community and will feature 12 hours of widely varied performances by Nova Scotian musicians and dancers.

I’m also hoping this event will be an opportunity for artists to promote their 2014/15 seasons and upcoming projects, to a sympathetic (and captive) audience. For sure it’ll be a great chance for us all to hang with friends, swap jokes, and ideas and hear some great new music as well.

We’d love it if you come at noon and stay until midnight, but it’s okay to come and go, to catch to your favourite performers. We hope you'll come and stay a bit though. This is a great opportunity to easily discover some music and musicians you’ve never heard before!

Geordie Haley, Tim Crofts and I have assembled a roster of fantastic improvising musicians. They include Members of the Creative Music Workshop, Andrews MacKelvie and Jackson, Students from Dalhousie Music’s jazz, and creative music programs, Susanne Chui of Mocean Dance, Ryan Veltmeyer from Mother of Girl, Lukas Pearse from the Crofts Adams Pearse Trio, Members of the suddenlyLISTEN Improvisation Workshop, Nova Scotian icon Scott MacMillan, Gwen Noah, Panos Giannoulis and many more!

Come on down to 1313! Bring a little cash for suddenlyLISTEN, some food for Feed Nova Scotia, and maybe, just maybe pick up your first suddenlyLISTEN T-shirt!

And don't forget The Muted Note, 8pm, September 12, at 1313, The start of the sL Improvisation Workshop on September 15, also at 1313 at 7:30. AND watch for news on the first Main Series Concert Collateral on October 1m at St Matthews United Church! Whew!

Sep 6, 2014 at 10:54

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