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La musique

I was happy today, to feel an urge to play my cello. And I did. The plan today was to go downhill skiing, but the 20cm of snow on the ground put a damper on that, especially as it was still snowing hard. This is pretty unusual for Divonne, and things are pretty locked down, even for a Monday. So I had the freedom to listen to a different sort of urge! As a person who plays music a lot (in my normal life), feeling like playing is something with which I can lose touch. it's usually "I have to practice" or "I should practice", or "I have to go to work", or "I can't, I have a concert". I was wondering when and if that urge would come, after a very intense fall and winter of music. But today it came: it was "I feel like playing my cello, I wonder what I should play?" What a treat and luxury that is.

Me in my beautiful practice room

So I played free, and I played Bach, and Kenzie came in and snuggled in our bed and listened. Then I played some Mark Summer for him, and that was enough, so I went out a shovelled snow! I found could listen in a new way, enjoy the sounds, and even internalize them in a different way. My goal, if I have one here is to approach the cello with relaxation, and let the music seep into my head faster. At home I have to learn so much music, that it feels more like woodshedding and less like playing, or learning. It felt good, and I feel like I have visited some fresh new mental territory! And I liked shovelling too!

Feb 11, 2013 at 10:45

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