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London Blog 2

The flight and following daze was as disorienting as usual! I took the tube into central London as usual, and made the short walk to the flat in Southwark. It’s a neat neighborhood, very renovated, with cool s hops, restaurants and theatres. AND it’s a 7 minute walk to the Thames, and maybe 12 to the Tate Modern: an appropriate place to start the trip! I spent about an hour there looking at an exhibit called Making Traces from the Tate collection. The complete series of Rothko works from the Four Seasons Hotel commission, and a collection of other lesser known (to me) abstract painters grouped in thematic rooms.

The Tate Modern is a wonderful place, such a nice combination of over-the-top grand pieces in the Turbine room, and smaller more intimate things in other galleries. It’s a huge building that still seems not overwhelming once you get inside. I have a few favourite pieces that I like to visit there; I’ll get back soon!

So, when my brain imploded, I came home for a little nap in preparation for Sebastian and Jane’s arrival!

Then we went to a pub, or two. I love the pub thing: little, sometimes densely packed rooms in old buildings, warm and a little too loud, with beer, and a crowd that crosses all generations. And I like how you get there, wandering down damp, dark, ancient streets, until you see a bright oasis of warmth and, well beer….There we talked about computer systems: why, how, how much, and how mine might change. I’m not sure that it needs to grow much, maybe one or two more processors, but as always the way I interact with it is the key: how do I play cello and operate a second instrument simultaneously? It isn’t simple! Or maybe it is…

Friday we will crack things open, oh and play a show!

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