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Memories #1.....

Well, the 2007/2008 season is wrapping up. Our last Music on the Cheap concert is May 8 and then it's summer and we move ahead with the routine of setting up next year!

This is always a nice time, looking back on our successes and failures of the previous year. And this one marks a turning point for sL I think.

Mainly it's that I've figured out what the company does! Now this isn't as simple as it seems, believe me. Are we a series, a community movement, a gathering of musical freaks?

I can say that we are all that, and more. And I'm extremely proud of all the interesting things that we do.

Our concerts this year were the finest assemblage of musicians assembled for the series, and the results were amazing. Roots of the Moment with Eddie Prevost and Tim Crofts and myself had a week together that has changed me forever! And our concert recording is being considered by a European label for release! And if they don't release it sL will, because it was a remarkable evening of music making.

Interact was great for a few of reasons: It was a great experience to play with Monique Buzzarte and Andrew Duke, it was part of the Oscillations Festival of Electroacoustic Music which was fun to put together with Steve Naylor and Bob Bauer, AND it was recorded by CBC for broadcast, so listen for that on The Signal this summer!

And finally Organism, was a joy! The combination of Rob Power, Daniel Heikalo and Chris Church (and me) was fantastic. We hit the nail on the head for new sounds, freedom in our music making, surprises and general hilarity! We were laughing as we played, which to me, is an ultimate expression of music. I can't wait to hear the recording of that one.

When I can assemble such excellent musicians and people and play free music with them, and be able to show our work to a bunch of people, I feel like a lucky guy. What an honour it is to be able to work with these people, I feel like I learn and grow a great deal with each concert.

Stay tuned for future postings about suddenlyLISTEN's other fun work of this season!


2008/04/30 at 5:10 pm

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