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Memories #3

Music on the Cheap is a Series that has taken me a few years to get a handle on. Originally it was a chance to get people performing more, with a minimum of expense and administration. Then it grew, to a series that accomplished the above, with an added bonus of giving younger improvisers a chance to perform with local pros.

Now it is different again! And I think this is the format that will stick. For the final two concerts of 07/08, I've invited individuals to bring their work to show. They show up and play a set with whatever or whoever they've been working with! No questions asked. All I require is improvisation. Pretty fun.

This has resulted in two fantastic concerts with a huge variety of music, from the vocal performance art of Jake Danson-Faraday's Free Hugs, to Panos Giannoulis' punk attitude fueled work with Zachary Fairbrother, to Steve Slater's old school/new school electronic music. It's been amazing!

So I'm changing the name of the series to reflect the new style of concerts : Open Source is the new Series. Open Source reflects the nature of the concerts, people sharing their work amongst their friends, and sharing it with an audience ready for adventure. It's the kind of concert I love going to!

Watch for Three Open Source concerts next year, starting in October or November. And come out to see the broad range of improvised music being made in Nova Scotia. It's pretty astounding.


2008/05/13 at 11:47 am

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