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More Time!

I wish I had more time to write in this blog! I am now in the thick of the season, preparing for beyond/beside/before/behind, running the workshop, and writing grants like a madman! Tonight seems like a night off, so why not write a bit? I'm struggling to fund a great project with Pauline Oliveros, my brother John, Ione, and heavy film guy Peter Mettler, in Banff this June. I have several irons in the funding fire there, and high hopes. And I need some new irons too, so will be hitting my media art friends up for info on how to get my foot in that door! So this project is taking my writing time. Looking back, the Ken Aldcroft Open Source show was great, some new audience and Paul Cram, playing up a storm then leaving for the airport like a rock star. A highlight for me! ken's workshop introduced us to John Steven's exercises, and some cool new pieces. Ken is a truly dedicated soul, making the music, and doing the work to make the music because "it has to be done". I admire his passion for our music, it's inspiring to see somebody that keeps working despite inevitable delays and disappointments. It just has to be done. Go buy his CD's Help to keep this guy going!! That's it for now. More soon


2008/10/16 at 9:26 pm

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