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Transitory is tomorrow, and it is evolving into a collaboration even richer than I could have imagined! I pictured Transitory as a project that I could share with many performers, and most importantly with Sandy Moore our composer. Well the sharing has happened and we are ready to go (well as ready to go as you can be without a rehearsal in a very complicated performance space!!) Sandy Moore has poured himself into this project totally: He’s been working along with beatboxer Vianney Aubrecht with the Halifax Boys Honour Choir for the last 2 months. My boys say they’ve been having a great time! As well he’s brought the Centre for Arts and Technology, where he is a faculty member, onboard in a big way. Students from CAT will be capturing audio and video and cutting it all together into a complete video of some kind! I think there’s going to be 3 or 4 audio and 9 or 10 video recorders! Wow. suddenlyLISTEN has wrangled 10 of our finest improvising instrumentalists from the Improv Workshop. They’ll be doing what they do best in parallel and in concert with the choir. It’s going to be really fun. AND it’s turning into a complete realization of what suddenlyLISTEN is all about: musical adventure, collaboration, community, and listening. I couldn’t be more pleased, and the show hasn’t even happened. I’ll write a review on Sunday. See you there!

Apr 15, 2011 at 09:37

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