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Norm at the CNMN FORUM 2014 #1

The semi annual Canadian New Music Network (CNMN) FORUM is an event that I’ve been trying to get back to, since it was held in Halifax, in 2010. Finally, this winter my schedule, and some help from Symphony Nova Scotia, suddenlyLISTEN and CNMN allows me to attend the 2014 edition in Calgary.

In Halifax it was a chance to meet some of the names I’ve read about for so many years, hear some great music and some panels and talks by some really smart people. I found it very inspiring as both a practitioner and presenter of new music. So this weekend I’m looking forward to a real shot in the arm and some exciting new ideas to keep me going through the long Halifax winter of planning and grant writing. And I hope to get to see some old friends, some of whom I first made in Halifax.

A little background: as I’m hoping some new readers from outside the regular sLog circle will be reading this: I lead a double life. I am both principal cellist of Symphony Nova Scotia, and Artistic Director of suddenlyLISTEN Music, an organization presenting and creating concerts and projects of (mostly) improvised chamber music. In Calgary I’ll be representing both organizations and playing a bit of a role: SNS as a new music representative, gleaning ideas for programming that will help SNS remain one of the country’s most innovative and influential orchestras. My first duty, moments after arriving this morning will be to serve on a panel talking about new music programming for orchestras. I don’t know much about it yet, but I’m pretty sure I have some thoughts to share! (I think about this stuff quite a lot).

Also, I’m representing suddenlyLISTEN: This will be a great chance to meet up with some other Artistic Directors and players to share ideas, and it will be an opportunity to schmooze some national presenters for the tour I'm planning nest year with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio!

So as soon as I arrive I’ll be onstage, thinking and listening hard! I hope I can stay awake…..There was that little SNS concert last night….

So, I’m writing this blog as a diary for me to remember some of the key points I’m picking up; as a report to SNS and suddenlyLISTEN: passing on some of the ideas I’m running into; and for the greater community who chooses to read,a window into some of the processes that take place before the music hits the stage: arts managers, Artistic Directors and artists work hard to imagine, develop and craft the programming you see. And we have all kinds of reasons for presenting the work we do. Perhaps this will shed a little light onto the process, and hopefully help demystify the music just a little!

Jan 24, 2014 at 20:21

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