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Rimouski in (a very busy) November

James, Eric, Arthur and Norm in Rimouski thanks to Sébastien Raboin for the photo!

Well, this have been busy at sL World Headquarters. A few days of no Symphony has let me devote many hours to spreading the word about our busy November.  There are now SO many ways you can find out about our upcoming concerts online, that you can hardly miss it all! But I wanted to focus a bit on Rimouski the next Main Series Show, this Monday. This wil be a special concert I think. Rimouski and Halifax share a lot in common: Relatively isolated, similar size, active arts scenes, and active arts organizers. suddenlyLISTEN and Tour de Bras have exchanged guest artists, hosted each other, and generally helped each other out for years, to bring great music to each other's towns. It's a beautiful thing! Éric Normand and I hatched the idea to form a band of Haligonians and Rimouskians (Rimouski-ites?) to play concerts in both towns, and celebrate our collaborations. (Eric is the Godfather of impro in Rimouski, has been here once on tour, 3 years ago I think.) In September, Arthur Bull and I went up to RImouski and played a show with my old friend James Darling. It was marvellous music in a beautiful hall! There was a green room with chips and beer! Ahhhh..... On November 12, this Monday, Eric will be here, along with a new cellist, Rémy Bélanger de Beauport, to 'repeat' the concert with Arthur and me.  Please come and share with us, this cross cultural, yet still regional friendship! The music will be great, the french Canadian flavours will be flowing, and although The Bus Stop Theatre doesn't have a green room, you can buy us a beer!  Until then I'll be burning the midnight oil, to try to convince more people to take a chance on a suddenlyLISTEN concert. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! You will amazed and the strange, yet familiar sounds, and moved by the heart wrenching expressions of musicians pouring their hearts out with complete abandon! See you there, see you all over! Links you might want to check out, on the off chance you've missed any of this news: The sL Facebook Page, where you can link to events for each of the upcoming November concerts. The FB event for Rimouski. New Music November, another Facebook event I put up to guide you in all the new music events happening in Halifax (and Wolfville) this month. suddenlyLISTENs website

Nov 7, 2012 at 11:47

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