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The Big Recording Project II

Well, I've been working at it. The Big Recording Project. Each day I head down to my little room at 1313 Hollis Street and commit something to digital permanence. "Permanence" ....

It's been an interesting process. My time has been pretty scattered due to The Cello of Mr. O, and then the big recording project for Derek Charke in Wolfville, so some days I'm there for 30 minutes, some days for 2 hours. I haven't spent much time listening (which was originally in my mind), but I'm finding I tend to remember what I've done the days before and can "feel" if I'm repeating myself too literally. And I'm actually starting to branch out into new ideas and techniques I've never attempted before (singing a bit, re-tunings, new preparations) which is pretty exciting!

Sidebar and blog admission alert: I think I've always wanted to be a singer! Singing may be the most intimate form of music making. There I said it, thanks for listening

Last night I had a chance to play with Xavier Charles and Eric Normand (2 of the sL guest artists for tonight's concert) and the music came easily. The listening was more difficult, especially when we were trying different listening exercises (rotating our listening around the circle of players, and listening from outside, and to outside the group), but perhaps I can attribute that to the exhaustion, from which I'm still recovering.

This past year has had a truly profound effect on me. It has really left a mark. Maybe not a scar, but definitely a welt! I still (after a full 2 days of partial relaxation....) don't feel 100% on top of things, and I'm struggling to be conscious in keep my confidence up through it all.

But the playing has been therapeutic, as I'd hoped it would be. I've recorded, not judged (that comes in summer....). Some days have felt great, others terrible. But I haven't judged still. Sometimes 1 song, sometimes 6. It just depends.

So. The action of creating has felt healthy, the outcome of the creation is yet to be determined! I will begin to post possibilities in Summer, and I'll post again when I've packed up and left my lovely little sanctuary....Now go to a suddenlyLISTEN concert! Please! There's a posting there for sure.....

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