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The Big Trip - Edinburgh

Wow that was an intense 2 days! It started with an early rise, a 9am fast train that

turned slow, a 3 hour late arrival, a sudden meal of Chinese food, and finally a rehearsal at Yati Durant's amazing high ceilinged flat in Edinburgh. A rehearsal that continued past fish and chips until 10:30pm. I took a cab to my Air B & B (Thanks NS Department of Tourism Culture and Heritage) and collapsed.

After hitting snooze several times I had relaxed morning walking before finding St Cecilia's Hall, in the lower part of Edinburgh near the Royal Mile. I learned today that Edinburgh has 2 levels, the upper one where the fancy people went and the lower one where the animals, prisoners and ghost hung/hang out! It's a remarkable feature. There are these cobbled ramps that lead steeply down to a totally different world of old pubs, homeless people, fancy restaurants and touristy traps. Above is all kilts, bagpipes, universities and shops that look like they belong in the 19th century. I kind of like it. The fact that it's been sunny helps a lot!

Tonight's concert was at Edinburgh's oldest concert hall according to Yati, our local

[caption id="attachment_2005" align="alignright" width="225"] setting up[/caption]

connection and composer. It was a lovely oval Georgian room with a central skylight. Quite nice to play in. The concert was well attended by students and others, and I had some nice talks with a doctoral cellist investigating computers and cello, and some composition students at the pub, who asked and answered good questions about the music. it was a successful night I'd say.

Tomorrow is off. I'm going to climb Arthurs Seat, and go to an art gallery, and have dinner with the Italians. That's all that is planned. It'll feel good to slow down for a day, before the next steps in The Big Trip!

Sep 24, 2018 at 20:56

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