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The Day before

So I lie here, my back spasm-ing occasionally, and I get to ponder tomorrow's Wireless concert.

The rehearsals with Christoph and Anne have been great, we've got to really think about the shape of the concert and the necessity for advanced planning due to the lack of rehearsal time with Chris Chafe.

So that has created the need for pieces, and pieces we have devised! Lots of pieces. It's a little unusual for a sL concert, (but what IS usual about an sL concert). And we have had to be clear in our scoring, as Chris will not have much time to absorb the details! The adventure is full and fun.

And the technology? Well that's not working yet. But I have been assisted by Karl Volmer, and Steve Naylor who are worrying about this right, so that I don't have to! Thank goodness for that.

From what I know through experience and Chris Chafe's stories, these things tend to come together at the last minute, and Wireless is no exception.

Which is not to take away from the tech. It is still an emerging art form/science, and even though our linkup is relatively simple, there are always challenges. Whether they be glitches in the Mac OS, requiring a switch to Linux, or balancing the audio with the local sounds in the room, we are on the bleeding edge.

But not the music, that's been around for quite a while and THAT's what it's all about in the end.

Dec 1, 2009 at 12:16

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