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The Home Stretch

We are entering the home stretch of suddenlyLISTEN’s 2011/2012 season, and after a great tour to Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria BC (lovingly chronicled on The sLog), we are back and ready to play more music, at home!

First up is Open Source 3 featuring two relatively new bands, each basing their music on materials from outside sources. Liona Boyz, uses Canadian pop music to feed the grooves, and melodies of their improvisations. Liona Boyz is: D’Arcy Gray who continues to amaze us as Halifax’s most versatile, creative and hilarious percussionist. Geordie Haley who can rock out, swing or just make weird sounds with ease, and Norman Adams who digs into new terrain each time he opens his cello case.

In the Bird Project, Arthur Bull and Norman Adams weave the music of Charlie Parker with Arthur’s stories and poems: deconstructing, and rebuilding the sounds of one the 20th century’s most brilliant and tortured jazz musicians, and blending them with Arthur’s unique voice. Arthur continues to astound his audiences here and across the country with his steadfast dedication to the music of the moment. His playing is always surprising!

8pm, April 14th - Open Source 3 - Liona Boyz (D’Arcy Gray, Geordie Haley and Norman Adams) and The Bird Project (Arthur Bull and Norm Adams)

1313 Hollis Street


You may remember Allison Cameron’s last visit to Halifax in 2008, where in beyond/beside/before/behind she collaborated with D’Arcy Gray and Norman Adams. Allison’s improvised music is made on a collection of most unusual instruments, some not even instruments in a traditional sense, at all! She coaxes sound out of the banjo, and harmonicas, but also toy keyboards, found objects, cassette recorders and radios. Allison travels to Halifax on a tour assembled by The Circuit, a national organization (of which suddenlyLISTEN is founding member) that helps creative musicians travel to country to perform and collaborate. In Halifax she will perform solo, and with Halifax improvisers to be announced!

8pm, April 22nd - Open Source 4 - Allison Cameron (Toronto) and locals 

1313 Hollis Street


The Open Source Series builds up steam with Arthur Bull and Toronto drummer Bob Vespaziani. In Nova Scotia we know Arthur Bull as a raw and creative improvising guitarist (and a poet, and a visual artist…..). What many of you don’t know is that periodically Arthur slips of to Toronto to play in Snake Oil Johnson, Bob’s rippin’ West-side Chicago blues band! Arthur and Bob have been playing the blues together for years, and this tour marks their first major foray into free improvisation together. Arthur is a regular member of the suddenlyLISTEN Improvisation Workshop, and will share this concert with other workshop regulars. This Halifax concert will be part of a seven-stop tour across Canada, with the cooperation of The Circuit.

8pm, May 14th - Open Source 5 - Arthur Bull and Bob Vespaziani on Circuit Tour joined by members of the sL Improv Workshop

1313 Hollis Street


The final Main Series Concert for 2011/12 is Vox Latrina, featuring Canada’s two most innovative and collaborative vocalists DB Boyko (Vancouver), and Christine Duncan (Toronto). Christine is the leader of The Element Choir Toronto’s improvising choir. She has recorded and performed jazz and improvised music for years, and has toured all over. DB is Artistic Director of Vancouver’s Western Front, one of the country’s oldest artist run centres. Together Christine and DB will be performing two concerts and leading a workshop for people wanting to explore their voices, and singing in an improvising choir, co-produced by Vocalypse Productions.  The first performance will be Stall, a work created for DB and Christine by Christopher Butterfield. This free performance will take place in a resonant washroom somewhere in Halifax, location to be announced. Next Vox Latrina will create new improvisations for strings and voice with Halifax’s Geordie Haley and Norman Adams, at the Bus Stop Theatre. This week of activity will be a great time for Halifax audiences and those curious about their voices, to try and listen to some of Canada’s finest creative musicians making great music.

8pm- May 25th - Main Series - Vox Latrina - 2 concerts: one in a bathroom, and one at The Bus Stop Theatre with DB Boyko (Vancouver), voice; Christine Duncan (Toronto) voice; Norman Adams and Geordie Haley

The Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street


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