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The Music - Lesson #4

The Music

Before I began suddenlyLISTEN, my knowledge of creative and free music was pretty rudimentary. It was more a barely defined itch that I needed to scratch.....Over the years I've had the great opportunity to be introduced to and learn from some of the world's important musicians, and their music, personally, through suddenlyLISTEN's concerts. What a privilege. This is a continuation of my "How to Listen to Free Music" series that I started last year. This will mark the new beginning of a listening guide that I'll host on this blog: A series of Youtube links that will introduce you to musicians and their music, and probably to me! I'll be asking for your input, so please comment with other music we should know about, here or on Facebook.


The music! 

Wow where do I start?  Free, improvised, or creative music is so widely defined. It can sound like so many things, drawn from so many different places. It can be influenced by an infinite range of colours, personalities, sounds, melodies, rhythms, and then it can all change! Faster than the blink of an eye.  I am a big fan of abstract expressionist art, and in many ways, improvised music is very much like the work of Pollack (busy colourful, and big in proportion) Kline (large swaths of only a few colours, an exploration of contrasts) or Rothko (dark and sombre, with minimal gestures). Of course these aren't all the definitions of abstract expressionism, just as Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost, and Pauline Oliveros aren't the only great exponents of free music, but it's a basis from which to grasp the aesthetic. Rothko We improvisers celebrate the unknown in every instant that the music is made (every instant, in every piece!). We listen for places to cooperate, disturb, harmonize, extemporize, embellish, and develop. We listen for ways to laugh and cry, to express the moment and what we're experiencing, observing and feeling. And we do it in real time. We create a sound world in real time. What we play you may not always be able hum to yourself on the way out the door, but I guarantee that the music is made honestly. Truthfully, This music may be the most honest experience you have all day! Please stay tuned for the sLog Listeners guide. Let the suggestions begin! Aug 6, 2013 at 10:30

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