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The sL Newsletter!

I mailed out this Newsletter to my giant email list today, and thought I'd post it here as well. There are lots of cool things to see and hear this spring!

March 29th, Ken Aldcroft, a guitarist from Toronto, currently on a tour of Eastern Canada, will be leading the suddenlyLISTEN Improv Workshop. In the Autumn of 2008, Ken opened the 08/09 season with an Open Source show and a workshop. Both events were really great, but the workshop he led really resonated with our regular attendees. Ken uses many of the improvisation exercises developed by John Stevens in his workshops. John Stevens was a British pioneer of Free Improvisation, and one of the founders of the seminal Spontaneous Music Ensemble. These exercises focussed the music in a way, helping musicians to listen and shake off old patterns. Please check this workshop out if you are at all interested in free music.

7:30 pm, March 29

1313 Hollis Street


April 7th suddenlyLISTEN will be presenting Open Source 2 featuring Eric Normand, a bassist from Rimouski, also out touring across Canada, this time under the auspices of Circuit. Eric is the directeur artistique of Tour De Bras, an organization producing and presenting new music in Rimouski Quebec ( Eric will be playing a solo set, and then collaborating with local musicians for a second set. It's always great to hear people from other parts of Canada works with our great local players! It should be fun.

Eric is the second artist touring under the umbrella of Circuit, a national group dedicated to creating a touring network for Canadian creative musicians. suddenlyLISTEN is a member of Circuit along with presenters and artist run spaces from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Fredericton, Rimouski and Halifax.

8pm, Wednesday, April 7th

1313 Hollis Street


Finally our 09/10 Main Series will conclude, with Chants d'Oiseaux a concert featuring the great Jean Derome, from Montreal, Daniel Heikalo from Nova Scotia, and me, Norman Adams. The title is inspired by Jean's famous collection of bird calls, which he plays with the same virtuosity as he plays his saxophone. Daniel too, plays not only the guitar, but a vast collection of found objects and noise makers, from old car springs to pots and pans! I'm not quite as willing to schlep so many instruments about, being a cellist, so I'll be content with computer aided processing for my regular old cello, with perhaps a sprinkle of ukulele!

I am very excited about this show, it brings two legends to Halifax; Daniel, who quietly makes fantastic virtuoso guitar music in the Annapolis Valley, occasionally popping out with an amazing CD or a concert tour, or a sound score or an exhibition of photographs; and Jean who was there (with Daniel, actually) in Montreal when musique actuel was "invented" and continues to lead the way in our country and around the world. He is in constant demand as a player and composer (he's been commissioned to compose a piece to help celebrate Upstream Music Association's 20th Anniversary this Spring!) all over the world and has recorded dozens of CDs. It's an honour to have both of these musicians in one room making music! Don't miss this one.

8pm, Tuesday, April 20th

The Bus Stop Theatre

$20 and $10

Mar 19, 2010 at 14:21

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