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Running a small arts organization is quite an adventure. Making it possible to make the art I want is a big job, so I thought I'd jump into the 21st century and blog about it.

I hope this chronicle will make people more aware of the work of suddenlyLISTEN, the fun we have, the great concerts we give, and some background on how it all comes about.

So we are now just about finished the 2007/2008 season, plans are being cemented for 08/09, grants are being written, dates are being hammered out, books are being updated, numbers crunched, mostly by me!


Well not really ouch because of the great help that I do get from Andrea Ritchie and Strategic Arts Management. Because of them this season was a breeze compared to some! A huge relief, and a great assistance.

So why not add to the workload and drop a note online once in a while? Stay tuned, thanks for reading.


2008/04/21 at 9:50 am

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