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The suddenlyLISTEN Improv Workshop Feb 15

Okay this isn't OUR workshop but these women look like they feel the same sense of fulfillment we feel on MOnday nights! You know, I think the workshop is experiencing a bit of a renaissance! I'm not sure why, but new people are coming, and adding new energy and new sounds to our group of faithful attendees! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing and nobody like our group of regulars. Some have been attending steadily since 2006! (You know who you are)

These people are amazing, the heart of the scene really, coming to shows, playing the music and thinking about the art form. But, one new person sets us all back on our heels, perks up our ears and changes everything!

Arthur Bull has come the past 2 or three sessions. Arthur is a veteran, and heavily experienced improviser, and having him in the room raises the bar for all of us! But you don't have to have toured internationally to make a difference in this kind of collaborative music. Jim from Monday night, Alex and Sylvain from previous Mondays, haven't the same level of experience (yet) of a professional, but they too made a difference, making the music come to life with a different colour.

The other change Tim and I instituted was to ask some new people to lead the workshops as guests. Two weeks ago Geordie Haley led, and last night Lukas Pearse took the reins. Both of these guys have thought about and practiced improvisation for a long time and both had really interesting insights and new exercises and games fro us to work with. Geordie had us exchanging duos with him. He could steer us in different directions, and the listeners could hear how each new player coloured Geordies sounds and choices. Lukas talk about intention, which I found fascinating. Why are we playing? What are we saying? what are we adding to the mix? All good questions to ask, in the moment.

I'm learning a lot!

I'm not sure if it's coincidence or as a result of their presence (there were six guitar-shaped instruments at Geordie's session!) but these have been our best attended workshop meeting all year, and certainly above average for the last year: Thirteen on the first and ten last night.

Eddie Prevost who's London workshop is the inspiration of the suddenlyLISTEN Improv workshop once told me that he decided he'd stop his, he reached the point where nobody showed up. That was something like 12 or more years ago!

Amazing, year 4 - on we go!

Thanks everybody.

And hey let usknow how the workshop is for you. Leave a comment below and we'll talk about it.


Feb 16, 2010 at 17:29

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